HRT™ Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology

Source: Pentair Oil & Gas Separations

HRT® provides petroleum producers, refiners and gas processors dramatically improved solids control and hydrocarbon recovery from process water streams.

Applications for HRT® include:

  • Produced Water Management – Onshore and Offshore
  • Oil Removal from Waste Water
  • SRU Optimization
  • Salt Water Disposal

HRT® affords proven performance while eliminating the need for expensive excess processing, chemical additives, and storage tank capacity. With hydrocarbon recovery efficiencies of 99.98%, HRT® produces a sellable product, balancing or even outweighing operating costs and capital investment.

Clients using HRT® on process water systems have experienced operational, environmental and economic benefits, including:

  • Operational flexibility
  • Reduction of lost energy
  • Savings on chemical additives
  • Lower maintenance costs associated with fouling
  • Elimination of excursions