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  1. Innovation To Reduce Environmental Impact From Oil And Gas Industry Operations While Reducing Costs Of Production

    A strong economy and a clean environment go hand-in-hand. That’s why the Government of Canada is supporting the development of technologies that lead to less pollution, healthier communities and the creation of well-paying middle-class jobs.

  2. CH-IV Congratulates Freeport LNG On Its FERC Order For Train 4

    A key client of CH-IV since 2009, Freeport LNG is already marching towards producing and exporting LNG from its three-train facility located in Freeport, Texas.

  3. Five Hundred Decision-Makers Gather To Assess Market Conditions And Make Arrangements To Buy, Sell, And Transport Natural Gas In The Northeast U.S.

    Five hundred decision-makers gather to assess market conditions and make arrangements to buy, sell, and transport natural gas in the Northeast U.S.

  4. Equinor Awards NOK 700 Million Johan Sverdrup Contract

    Equinor awards a contract for services within insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment (ISO) on the Johan Sverdrup field to Kaefer Energy AS.

  5. Berkeley Lab Project To Pinpoint Methane 'Super Emitters'

    Methane, a potent greenhouse gas that traps about 30 times more heat than carbon dioxide, is commonly released from rice fields, dairies, landfills, and oil and gas facilities – all of which are plentiful in California.

  6. Fugro Supports Two Ocean Mapping Initiatives With Large Crowd Sourced Bathymetry Contribution

    The dataset, which covers an area the size of Iceland, was delivered to two complementary programs: the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance (AORA) and The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project (Seabed 2030).

  7. API Commends House Of Representatives For Releasing Energy And Water Development Appropriations Bill

    API released the following statement after the U.S. House of Representatives released the Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2020, providing record funding for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

  8. TGS And PGS Announce Torngat 3D Offshore East Canada

    TGS and PGS announce the Torngat 3D multi-client project in Offshore East Canada.

  9. API Applauds The Administration For Lifting Section 232 Steel Tariffs On Canada And Mexico

    API released the following statement on the Administration’s decision to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports under Section 232 on Canada and Mexico...

  10. ExxonMobil Permian Development To Provide $64B In Benefits To New Mexico: Study

    ExxonMobil recently said a new study estimates the company’s development of Permian Basin resources in New Mexico will generate approximately $64 billion in net economic benefits for the state and local communities over the next 40 years, creating thousands of new jobs and providing increased funding for education, health and human services and infrastructure improvements.