Siemens Oil and Gas Articles

  1. Case Study: OPTI Canada Uses Zimpro® Wet Air Oxidation System To Destroy Soot In Wastewater Generated During The Production Of Syngas
    OPTI Canada's Long Lake Project needed a system that would reduce costs associated with landfill disposal and waste for their “next generation” oil sands development, which integrates established and proprietary technologies
  2. Siemens Water Technologies Helps Petrochemical Project Meet Stringent Environmental Discharge, Reuse Regulations
    A joint venture made up of the Fujian Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Exxon/Mobil and Saudi Aramco selected the Water Technologies division of the Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services to provide equipment for treating ethylene spent caustic and wastewater
  3. Technip Selects Siemens To Supply Produced Water Filtration And Seawater Injection Systems
    Technip-France has chosen Siemens to supply a produced water filtration system and a seawater injection system to Total Upstream Nigeria Limited for its Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit of the Akpo field development, offshore Nigeria...
  4. Refinery Debottlenecks Wastewater Treatment
    Calcasieu Refining, Lake Charles, La., needed to treat increased wastewater flow associated with major process expansions, while maintaining existing net load discharge levels...
  5. Siemens Provides Entire Water Plant For Oil Sands SAGD Operation
    Siemens is the first equipment supplier to provide an entire water treatment plant (WTP) for a steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operation in the oil sands of Alberta, Canada
  6. Siemens Water Injection System Selected For The Dalia Offshore Angola Oil Production Facility
    Siemens was recently selected to supply a water injection system, with sulphate removal, by Total E&P for the Dalia field, offshore Angola. The company was chosen by the joint venture, TSS Dalia, comprised of Technip as leader, Saipem and Stolt Offshore, in a consortium with Samsung HI and Daewoo SME