Siemens Oil and Gas Articles

  1. The Use Of Walnut Shell Filtration With Enhanced Synthetic Media For The Reduction And/Or Elimination Of Upstream Produced Water Treatment Equipment

    Researchers set out to find a substitute for black walnut shells for oil/water separation due in part to the seasonal availability of black walnuts shells. Additionally, a media with improved performance was needed.

  2. EICT Package For Det norske’s Ivar Aasen Project

    In 2008, Det norske discovered hydrocarbons in the Ivar Aasen field some 180 kilometers off the Norwegian coast. When the plan for development and operation was approved by the Norwegian parliament in May 2013, the company immediately started preparing to build an offshore platform to exploit the field – an important milestone in the company’s history. Through Ivar Aasen and with a comprehensive and advanced technology package from Siemens, Det norske will become a leading oil producer on the Norwegian shelf.

  3. Water Treatment Challenge

    In the Castilla oil field in the Acacias township in Colombia, Siemens is partnering with Ecopetrol to set up a system that will purify about 40 million gallons of water daily, equal to the average water consumption of a city of 100,000 people.

  4. Veirsep™ Horizontal Flotation System

    The patented Veirsep horizontal flotation system incorporates several unique technologies to separate oil and various other contaminates from produced water and contaminated wastewater streams. Featuring a compact footprint, the unit is fully automated and can be designed to operate in an atmospheric or pressurized condition.

  5. Spinsep™ Vertical Flotation System

    The Spinsep vertical flotation system incorporates several unique methods for removing oil from produced and wastewater streams before they are discharged or injected. Improved technology and a vertical vessel design reduce the footprint required for this innovative flotation system. The Spinsep flotation system can be designed as an ASME code or a non-code vessel.

  6. Folded Flow® Dissolved Air Flotation Separator

    The Folded Flow® DAF system’s simple and innovative design “folds” the flow by removing effluent from the same end of the tank as the influent is introduced, resulting in a higher hydraulic loading rate. In the Folded Flow® design, as the density current travels laterally, clean water, being heavier, peels away from the bottom of the density current and flows downward.

  7. Brise™ Dissolved Gas Flotation (DGF) Pump System

    The Brise™ DGF pump by Siemens Water Solutions has proven to be one of the most effective solutions to treating produced waters. The Brise pump can produce bubbles starting at a size of 1 micron. Currently, there are no other technologies that offer the flexibility and effectiveness of altering bubble size to optimize the efficiency of a flotation unit due to changing water chemistry.

  8. API Oil/Water Separator

    We have been manufacturing API oil water separators since the 1930’s, when we worked with the American Petroleum Institute (API) to develop the industry’s standard design. Our API separator design has been risk-assessed, assuring safe operation.

  9. Monosep™ High-Flow Walnut Shell Filtration System

    Siemens Water Solutions offers a complete line of products to remove oily contaminants from water, including the Monosep high-flow walnut shell filter which offers improved technology in walnut shell filtration. The proprietary filter design requires no moving equipment to perform backwashes, and greatly reduces the volume of backwash water produced when compared to other walnut shell filter designs. This simplifies the design of the filters, reduces the weight and footprint, and lowers the cost of multiple filter systems.

  10. Efficient Water Technologies For Upstream And Downstream Requirements

    Water is a critical element in upstream and downstream activities within the oil and gas industry. Based on thousands of onshore and offshore applications, Siemens meets the industry’s requirements with a proven portfolio of products for physical and chemical separation, biological treatment, and complex hydrothermal technologies. Watch the full video for an overview of water solutions provided by Siemens.