Siemens Oil and Gas Articles

  1. Using Magmeters In Zero Upstream And Zero Downstream Applications

    Jack Roushey, Product Manager for Siemens electromagnetic flowmeters, presents on how to use magmeters in zero upstream and zero downstream applications. Based on their demonstrated ability to perform in non-ideal conditions, the SITRANS F M MAG 5100W and MAG 8000 electromagnetic sensors from Siemens have received approval for 2% accuracy custody transfer (MI-001) and non-custody transfer applications for installation with zero diameter upstream pipe and zero diameter downstream straight run pipe from the sensor.

  2. Major Global Project

    Braskem Idesa is a 75-25 joint venture between Brazil’s Braskem, the largest producer of thermoplastic resins in the Americas, and Grupo Idesa, a traditional petrochemical company in Mexico. As one of the project’s top suppliers of skills, technology and equipment, Siemens itself marshaled resources and employees from 11 different countries to collaborate on a truly multinational and multicultural level with Braskem Idesa and its global partners.

  3. PerforMedia™ Oil Removal Media

    PerforMedia™ oil removal media replaces walnut shells in media filtration systems. Manufactured from materials not subject to agricultural limitations, the media is able to handle five times the amount of oil before requiring backwash; is able to maintain feed concentrations of greater than 500 mg/L while producing effluent well under 10 ppm; and can be used on a wide range of oil API and elevated temperatures. Download our white paper today.

  4. The Top 10 Reasons To Convert Your Activated Sludge Treatment System Into A Siemens PACT® MBR System

    Siemens Water Solutions offers a full range of laboratory scale, bench scale and pilot scale testing capabilities – either at our site or at yours. Let us pilot test a system for you today and demonstrate the benefits of a PACT® MBR system for you in real time.

  5. Oil and Gas Wastewater Treatment Simplified – PACT® MBR System

    Streamlined oil and gas wastewater treatment via the unique, all-in-one PACT® MBR system by Siemens — proven, available and supported worldwide — uses half the space of conventional methods and offers substantial cost savings. The PACT® MBR system combines the process performance of activated sludge biological treatment, activated carbon adsorption and membrane filtration into a simplified and compact waste treatment model.

  6. The Solution For Difficult-To-Treat Wastewaters

    Siemens has developed an easy-to-operate, packaged, electro-oxidation system that can treat even the toughest wastewaters.

  7. A Lower-Cost Approach To Treating Low-Volume Refinery Spent Caustic Streams

    Electro-oxidation, also called electrochemical advanced oxidation, uses electricity to generate hydroxyl radicals to perform oxidation in wastewater treatment. A new commercially available electro-oxidation process—Zimpro® Electro-oxidation (ZEO)—is especially effective for treating the highly problematic spent caustic streams produced by sweetening operations in petroleum refineries and ethylene plants, particularly at volumes below the economically feasible threshold for existing established treatment technologies.

  8. Emergency Relief For Oil Rig

    Late on a Friday afternoon, there was an emergency phone call to the Siemens Process Instrumentation office in Hauppauge, NY.

  9. Siemens Launches Zimpro Electro-Oxidation Technology For Spent Caustic Treatment

    Based on experience and knowledge gained from application of the highly-effective Zimpro® wet air oxidation (WAO) technology, Siemens has developed an electro-oxidation process to address the needs of refinery and petrochemical spent caustic treatment.

  10. Life Cycle Management For Oil And Gas Water Treatment Solutions

    Smart technologies and connectivity just about everywhere have enabled Siemens Water Solutions to offer comprehensive Life Cycle Management to oil and gas customers worldwide, helping ensure that water treatment facilities are always optimized and available, for decades of safe, dependable use.