Featured Products

  1. RefineryWise

    RefineryWise empowers O&G refiners to achieve operational excellence through improved visibility into the contextual , actionable data in real time, enabling refiners to uncover business potentials and identify operational risks before a major failure occurs. It does so by leveraging a world-class software portfolio with a unified real-time performance management platform to address the needs of the entire value chain; from crude feed planning to final product blending . Optimize entire value chain, reducing operation costs, improving yield, energy and throughput efficiency.

  2. SimSci Operator Training Simulator

    Operator Training Simulators (OTS) are advanced computer-based training tools that help give operators the skills they need to run a process or plant. Operators learn how to manage a refinery in this virtual control room through the use of a DYNSIM model that controls the plant responses. This provides trainees the opportunity to learn how to react appropriately when a similar situation occurs in the actual plant. The use of Schneider Electric's OTS solution enables companies to address challenges before they occur in the real world, which helps them remain competitive in the global economy.

  3. Wonderware IntelaTrac

    Wonderware IntelaTrac reduces risk by equipping field workers with the information they need to make tough decisions on the spot. Putting details like operations and maintenance procedures, equipment diagrams and operating history in the right hands improves availability, productivity, safety and compliance.

  4. OASyS DNA

    OASyS DNA is a highly distributed real-time supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) platform. It combines the systems your business already relies on with technological solutions from our many software suites, our trusted partners and even our competitors. You benefit from the most trusted SCADA for Oil & Gas transportation pipelines and distribution networks tailored to the unique needs of your business.

  5. Pipeline Trainer

    Pipeline Trainer provides pipeline companies with software tools to allow the training officer to define and impose specific scenarios on which the pipeline controller is to be trained on. This includes tools for instructors to build training scenarios, a realistic control room environment to train controllers and a Qualification Information System to effectively document all training performed for internal and industry regulatory requirements.

  6. Integrity Operation

    Integrity Operation provides pipeline companies with software tools layered on top of SCADA to prevent pipeline leaks. A variety of Computational Pipeline Monitoring (CPM) methodologies for leak detection purposes is available within Integrity Operation, allowing the pipeline company to select the CPM best suited for their specific pipeline.

  7. Industrial Automation Software: Oil & Gas Industry

    Schneider Electric Software offers solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream operations. Upstream Oil and Gas Industry solutions enable safe operation for personnel and the environment while helping to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing assets in the shortest timeframe possible

  8. Enterprise Asset Performance Management

    Enterprise Asset Performance Management (APM) solution helps customers exceed reliability, safety and performance goals. The platform encompasses enterprise data capture and analysis coupled with actions and optimization for proactive maintenance execution. The solution enables Oil and Gas companies to reduce unscheduled downtime, increase asset utilization, reduce maintenance costs and deliver maximum economic return on assets.

  9. OMNIPURE™ Series 64 Marine Sewage Treatment System

    With MEPC.227(64), the International Maritime Organization formally adopted a new standard for the treatment of offshore sewage. More specifically, the guidelines call for a reduction in the amount of TSS, or total suspended solids. Obviously, maritime vessels and offshore platforms are compelled to comply. In doing so, they are also compelled to find a solution that achieves the benchmark using proven technology that integrates easily with the simplest long-term operation, minimal maintenance and most sensible economic impact. For many, the solution to this new guideline is the OMNIPURE™ Series 64 from De Nora.

  10. Model FT4A Thermal Mass Flow Meter And Temperature Transmitter

    Offering you the flexibility to monitor multiple gas types at the push of a button, rotate the housing as needed for tight installations, and configure meter settings from advanced software, the FOX Model FT4A thermal mass flow meter and temperature transmitter can be used in a large variety of Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Wastewater gas flow measurement applications.