Featured Products

  1. Whittier® High-Rate Downflow Filters

    Veolia Water Technologies offers a complete line of high-rate downflow filters. We combine innovation with industry expertise to provide economical and effective solutions for a variety of product filtration and water treatment applications. When a high-performance filtration system is needed, Veolia has the design experience to select the proper parameters and operating guidelines to achieve the desired results.

  2. Refinery Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Software

    The industrial Internet of things (IIoT) plays an important role in the operation of a refinery today. The falling cost of connectivity and data storage, processes across the entire Oil & Gas value chain are now able to gather more data from more devices, assets, operations and processes than ever before. Refiners in particular, stand to gain value quickly because the existing IT infrastructure is more mature compared to upstream and midstream processes. The foundation of this operational perspective starts with the basic principle of the closed loop process – Connect, Collect, Analyze and Act.

  3. SimCentral Software

    Whether you need to increase efficiency, productivity or profitability, SimCentral can create your plant’s Digital Twin (a master simulation model of your plant) to leverage across the process lifecycle. With increasingly detailed process information from your SimCentral Digital Twin, you can compare the actual plant status against your simulation model to see and understand unit performance monitoring and real time optimization. SimCentral is the perfect replacement for several of your existing simulation tools. Typical process engineering projects are complex and time consuming. As a single, unified platform for process simulation (including process, fluid flow and dynamic simulations), SimCentral is powerful enough to cover all your needs, plus reduce deployment and IT costs.

  4. Downstream Software for Oil & Gas Industry

    Downstream refining and petrochemical producers achieve superior performance through better management of their energy usage and costs, optimization of their process yields, reduction or elimination of safety-related incidents and improved operator performance through Schneider Electric’s comprehensive portfolio of operations management solutions

  5. Midstream Software for Oil & Gas Industry

    Amid increasing demand, environmental pressures, and potential security threats, the primary concern of hydrocarbon pipeline operators and gas distribution networks remains the same: to ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations, 24/7 - all while managing energy costs and minimizing time and installed costs. As assets grow and evolve it is essential to have a digital strategy that maximizes the business value of their data and effectively addresses the challenges they face.

  6. Upstream Production & Processing Software for Oil & Gas Industry
    Given the existing market dynamics, the upstream oil and gas industry consistently looks to enable safe operations for personnel and the environment while helping to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing assets in the shortest time frame. Upstream producers want to maximize production of oil and gas from onshore and offshore wells safely and economically. Down stream processors are looking to operate safely and efficiently, extracting the most value from the hydrocarbon stream while minimizing costs.
  7. Enterprise Pipeline Management Software Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

    Pipelines strive to operate with the highest level of safety (personnel, environment and assets) and reliability (uptime), while increasing operational and cost efficiency and continuing to meet regulatory compliance. Schneider Electric's solutions start with scalable, secure supervisory control at the foundation. We enable operators by providing the most trusted tools to manage day-to-day operation and optimization of hydrocarbon transportation through the supply chain. We offer an integrated, open, end-to-end solution for pipeline management and operations, from the field device-level to operations and into the enterprise, all from a single vendor. 

  8. Pipeline Operation - Liquids

    Schneider Electric Pipeline Operation, built on the SimSuite framework, provides everything needed to efficiently manage real-time operations in the control room using both non-simulation and on-line simulation-based applications.

  9. Gas Measurement And Analysis System

    Schneider Electric Gas Measurement and Analysis System (GMAS) is a gas flow measurement software that enables gas pipeline operations to accurately and efficiently collect & validate measurement data – enabling billing your customers via automated data acquisition of gas history and gas quality, validation, re-calculations, audit trails and pre-financial verification and correction of disparate field data.

  10. Unit Performance Suite

    Unit Performance Suite is designed to reduce operating costs and improve operating performance by packaging closed-loop, real-time plant information with measurement optimization. The foundation of Unit Performance Suite is SimSci ROMeo, our leading industry-proven optimization software that improves the ROI for refineries around the world.  It  brings real-time actionable plant optimization diagnostics and delivers key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing Operations Managers and decision-makers to make informed decisions to maximize adoption and contribution of optimization.