Supplier News

  1. Fox Thermal Announces Zero CAL-CHECK Feature On Fox Model FT3

    Fox Thermal Instruments announced recently the release of the new Zero CAL-CHECK Calibration Validation feature.  Zero CAL-CHECK is a companion test to the CAL-V Calibration Validation feature available on the Fox Model FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter.

  2. Aquatech's Innovative Waste Water Recycling System Wins H2O Water Award For Best Waste Water Project

    Aquatech, a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets, has received the H2O Water Award for the Best Waste Water Project. H2O Water Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) water industry and recognize projects, programs as well as products and solutions that have contributed to the advancement of the region's water industry.

  3. Powerful Multivariate Data Analysis Software Enables Engineers, Scientists And Data Analysts To Better Understand Complex Data

    CAMO Software is running a year-end campaign on their leading multivariate data analysis software, The Unscrambler X.

  4. Design & Manufacturing Firm Completes Reassessment For ISO 9001:2008 Certification

    In an independent recognition of its commitment to quality management, design and manufacturing firm Eco-Tec Inc. completed its reassessment for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification.

  5. MIOX Corporation Awarded Climate Change Leadership Institute’s 2012 Direct Action Award

    MIOX Corporation, the technology leader in on-site chemical generation, announced that it will receive the 2012 Direct Action Award from the Climate Change Leadership Institute (CCLI).  The award ceremony will take place at the MIOX corporate headquarters in Albuquerque, NM on Tuesday, November 13th at 12:30PM MST.

  6. Wafer-Cone Flow Meter Is Now Available With CE Marking For All Service Categories Under European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

    To supportMcCrometer’s European customers, the high-accuracy, virtually no-maintenance Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter meets the requirements of the European Community’s Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/ECand is  eligible for use throughout the region.

  7. Endress+Hauser Introduces Operations App

    Endress+Hauser announces Operations App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mobile devices. An Android version will be released soon.

  8. New HRD Lockout Assembly Design

    Fike announces the release of a new design for its HRD Lockout Assembly. This explosion protection product is a mechanical barrier used to prevent an accidental discharge of an explosion suppression container (HRD) into the process vessel during maintenance and cleaning of the vessel and/or protection system.

  9. Fike Launches ATLAS Rupture Disc

    Fike announces the expansion of its G2 Technology with the introduction of the versatile ATLAS line of rupture discs.

  10. Proven, Economical V-Cone Flow Meter Reduces LNG Installation And Operating Costs

    With its unique self-conditioning flow technology, the versatile V-Cone® Flow Meter from McCrometer offers a lowest-installed cost, low-maintenance and highly reliable measurement solution for challenging hazardous applications in liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing, transportation, storage and distribution.